Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A few updates for you…

We have the Customer Gallery all ready to go.  You will make your own album, titled with your name,  within each category.  Click on the Customer Gallery tab and follow the directions there.  Then when you are ready to upload later, you are all ready to go.  We can't wait to see your creations.

Some of our creations have been uploaded to our Gallery.  Click on the tab and then select your interest for inspiration.  Lots more photo's to come, past and present.

The Class calendar is on the blog, twice.  *smile*  Trying to determine which one to go with.  Leave me a comment with you choice.  Yesterday, I think Blogger was having some issues, so if it isn't loading today, I'll be trying to fix it.  I didn't have my copy of the calendar, so the cost of classes isn't on this one.  But, I promise they will be for February. 

While you're commenting, let me know what kind of tutorials, tips and techniques you'd like to see.  I have a few, I just need to proof read and touch up.  Remember to email me your blog or online gallery addy so we can add it to our Customers Blog Section.

Have an awesome day!!!

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