Thursday, November 19, 2009

Organizer, Martha & Markers

If you are looking for something cute but easy to put together, check this out. This binder from Making Memories is perfect for organizing and keeping your holiday memories in. It's filled with dividers, pretty paper and tabs, and even recipe cards. Simple to do and beautiful!
The second wave of Copic markers are here!! As you know, we started with the Ciao line of their markers and now we have the Sketch line. Look at this beautiful palette of colors! The Sketch markers come in 344 different colors if you can believe that! Lots of remarkable features:
  • They are refillable. Once you've bought a marker, it will last forever!
  • The nibs are replaceable so if one wears down, it's easy to pull it out and install a new one.
  • Instead of being round they have flat sides so they won't roll off your desk.

Kellee taught our first Copic marker class last night and she's planning another for December 8th. Look at these beautiful cards they made:

On a side note, I wanted to show you a close-up of another new product we have that she used on her Santa card. This is Martha's Tinsel Glitter along the edge of the circle. Isn't that a cool look??